About DiPRO

DiPRO is a 9 Years Audio Product Factory,
The vision of our founder wasn't about making quick money,
It was about providing people with a lifetime learning method,  that would truly benefit people.
We're passionate providing best earbuds for audiobook lovers.

Customer Testify:
DiPRO Brand Story
"DiPRO" is a brand under DiPRO Acoustics Co., LTD,
DiPRO Acoustics has 9 years export experience, 
The economy is down during 2014~2015,
look back into history, after each economy recession is the culture booming era.
The founder of DiPRO, has a very idealistic dream, follow the step of trend,
Providing high-quality headphones to listen audiobooks to increase the number of personal reading.
CEO words
I work as a normal worker at production line, through a earbuds, I spent one year and a half to learn English, 
and than I could speak good English, I should say I speak very fluent English. 
I work as Internal sales after learned English, 
there is a gap between me and other sales, because I am from the bottom of the career cycle.
So I read 300 books that year, include paper books and audio books,
I kept reading till now, which helped my career and my business a lot;
I want to share my method of learning English, to help more students and English learners, the same method you may lean Chinese.
DiPRO spirit is the continuous learning spirit, to encourage and help more people obtain career success.
A normal man born at 1980s, with great dreams!
                                                                             - Alex Wu
DiPRO History
2015 DiPRO introduced headphones & earbuds, provide entry-level HiFi headphones, committed to help students and office workers with continuing learning methods and resources integration
2015 change company name as: DiPRO Acoustics Co., LTD, to committed ourselves to audio field.
2015 DiPRO independently developed a Bluetooth Speaker, the application of a variety of patent, utility model patent, ID patent
2014 DiPRO's OEM products rank top three at Amazon
2013 DiPRO successfully established long-term strategic cooperation with Tsinghua Tongfang(top 3C brand in China)
2013 DiPRO introduced a transparent encryption technology, to better protect customer's privacy
2012 DiPRO brand registered to development of domestic business
2012 DiPRO signed 90% of China Unicom 4G terminal of speaker system.
2012 DiPRO start business cooperation War-Mart. 
2012 DiPRO and municipal engineering company successfully cooperate the first 10K speaker project
2012 DiPRO and Russia's top three mobile phone dealers to achieve strategic cooperation
2011 Speakers monthly sales exceeded 70K.
2011 DiPRO introduced the ERP system, purchasing, production, sales, warehousing, finance, CRM, all in one software management.
2011 DiPRO set up a factory in Shenzhen, production, R&D and Sales.
2008 DiPRO Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, mainly engaged in 2.0 pc speaker.
DiPRO Company Culture
We treat Customers, Workers and suppliers equally.
We encourage learning, we share internal training materials with our supplier and competitors, grow together.
Customer success - we committed to each customer's satisfaction and success.
Integrity - We uphold the trust, honesty and personal responsibility, both to customers and suppliers.
Win-win Thought - we promote mutual understanding and take a world view of our culture.
Lowest cost - the lowest total cost product, creating value for customers.
Social Responsibility
producing durable product is environmental and save resource for the world.
Join DiPRO
If we share the value, same dream, welcome to join DiPRO, no matter where ever you are in the world, you could work at your Country or Come to China