Cube Bluetooth Wireless Speaker China Factory
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Cube Bluetooth Wireless Speaker China Factory By Wu Zhiguo
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Cube Bluetooth Wireless Speaker China Factory

DiPRO is a 9 years audio producer, the leading supplier of Bluetooth speakers and HiFi earphones from China.
Their goal is to produce and deliver not only the latest design but the best sound quality, with best price ratio,
Region exclusive and price protection to enhance customer’s competition.
Brevity is the soul of Design!

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Cube Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Specifications

Product Specifications:
Speaker style: Cube Bluetooth Speaker
Function: microphone, aux in
Type: Active
Driver: 3watts x 1
Weight: 143g
Product Dimension: 50mm X 50mm X 50(mm
Technical Specifications:
Bluetooth Version: 2.1 EDR
Driver size: Φ50mm
Rated output: 3 Watts
Audio connection: 3.5mm jack
Battery: Lithium cobalt 3.7V 400mAh
Charging Time: 2hours
Play Hours: 5 hours at 70% volume
A Bluetooth Speaker x1, charging cable x1, user manual x1

Samples are the same as bulk orders

One of the best purchasing experiences you will get from DiPRO is that the samples are always the same as bulk orders.
What does DiPRO do to keep samples the same as bulk orders?
1.      All samples are processed in ERP system, so it’s tractable for each materials used.
2.      Each materials are linked with certain suppliers unless change them by manual.
3.      50% suppliers unchanged for 9 years, 30% suppliers remain unchanged for 5 years.
4.      We keep BOM, SMT, artworks, everything under your folder for tracking.

Product Safety is the key for a Bluetooth speaker

1.      best materials for battery for this cube Bluetooth speaker
2.      35 items test during R&D for all our of speaker development.
3.      22 items quality checking for IQC, QC, QA for the cube speaker
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