How does a capacitor affect sound quality?
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How does a capacitor affect bluetooth speaker sound quality and stability?
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How does a capacitor affect sound quality?
Different brand capacitors use different materials, so this will cause each capacitor has it’s own style and function.
DC Filter:
The most common usage is DC filters, usually it needs a DIP Caps and a small SMD caps.
Some Bluetooth Speaker factory only use one SMD capacitor,
DiPRO Acoustics usually use more than 6 capacitors for DC filers,
And our high end models even 15 capacitors for DC filters, with parallel connection DC filters,
The good thing about doing parallel DC filters is that one capacitor is broken, another is still working.
Energy Storage:
The important for energy storage capacitor is that it must charge and discharge quickly, and the leaking electricity should be within a standard.
The Energy storage capacitor must be just OK, for 1.5watts Bluetooth speaker, no more than 1000uf,
If the capacitor is too big, it could not supply amplifier power efficiently,
If the capacitor is too small, it can not give enough electricity for the amplifier, which may cause distortion when a bass comes.
Input Capacitor:
A input capacitor affect bandwidth and bass, DiPRO Acoustics will choose the best input capacitor according to the housing and driver performance.
The same price materials, same size casing, we will make sure the speaker delivery the maximum sound quality.
Coupling Capacitor:
The coupling capacitor works accordingly with input capacitor, speaker driver and casing, it’s all connect.
Only the right capacitor could delivery the most balanced sound quality.
Low-pass filters
As the input capacitor limited the bandwidth and we also choose the right coupling capacitor,
To make the sound quality perfect, we need low-pass filters, I’d rather call it noise filters,
Choosing a capacitor that connects to ground to filters high frequency which is not needed.
Capacitors materials working Temperature:
Common SMD Capacitor Working Temperature Capacity change Capacitance Tolerance
X7R Capacitor Material from -55℃ to +125℃ 10years within 5% below 10%
Y5V  Capacitor Material from -30℃to +80℃  +22% to -82%
according to Temperature
above 20%
The weather affect sound quality, cold, warm, even humidity level.
Your room space and structure also affect sound quality a lot.
Let’s start one by one,
DiPRO Acoustics located at Shenzhen China; we usually have -5℃ to +27℃;
We use X7R or Y5V will not affect sound quality a lot if I use the product at Shenzhen China.
But North China, Russia, USA, Germany, this place may down to -25℃ at winter.
Could you imaging that input capacitor, coupling capacitor shrink by half, what sound quality you will get?
You are cold, not comfortable, and the speaker sound is dry, not balanced, singers sing without emotion,
You feel anxiety, and want to turn off the speaker.
DiPRO Acoustics only use 98% X7R SME capacitors on all our PCB board; and we only use Samsung and yageo original capacitors,
DiPRO speakers sound the same in winter and summer.
Using X7R or Y5V, this is 30000USD different per year for DiPRO,
Knowing is one thing, doing is another thing;
But we did it, we are doing it, and we will keep doing it this way.
Room space and structure:
Room is the second housing for a speaker,
Here are two words you need to know, direct sound and reflected sound.
We are not only hearing direct sound, but also hearing reflected sound,
Sound transfer 340m/s, people only could tell direct sound from reflected sound above 0.1s;
No body has a 17meter room, so we all hear mixed-sound
First reflected sound, second reflected sound together with direct sound;
So the room space is second housing of a speaker.
Reflected sound is noise and distortion, even normal people do not care that little distortion,
But we could put audio sponge and carpet to absorb this distortion.
If you want to buy mini Bluetooth speakers, earphones from DiPRO Acoustics, you know how to find us!