How to find the right Bluetooth speaker supplier from China?
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How to find the right Bluetooth speaker supplier from China?

The buyers always worried about paying too much for the product?
DiPRO only earn 10% net profit, new product first year 15% profit.
You never need to worry about paying too much at DiPRO,
we have a standard about pricing.
DiPRO price is the lowest amount our competitors for the same materials,
And for the same price, DiPRO has the best quality.
How about the quality?
Most people think sound quality is all about quality for speakers.
This is totally wrong,
There are 3 things are much more important than sound quality: the first is Safety, the second is safety, the thirty is also safety.
My factory is almost burned by a mosquito pad, bought by my father, and I have two customers experienced battery exposition, and the must recall all products.
DiPRO has 36 tests to make sure the PCBA is stable, and the battery is safe enough, that will never hurt you, your kids and your family.
Well, back to sound quality, I am a hifi man, I have a 2000USD vacuum tube amplifier speakers system, and head tens of brand speakers and earphones, read presentational books with software to train my ear.
and I could tell frequency waves with my ear, no exaggeration,  I am a living wave scanner,  I am extremely picky about sound quality, when I say the model has the good sound quality, it's really good.
About Delivery on time?
we delay no more than 5 orders during the past 9 years; we also have some rules about delivery for customer; that is we must get deposit and confirm production details before start counting delivery date.
We have some customers paying deposit, then disappear for two weeks, no reply emails, than the third week confirms me production details, and forth week ask for goods delivery,
How could I possible delivery goods within 1 week.
I could not placing packing, casing order to my supplier if you do not confirm me the production details.
Our rules are simple and reasonable.
Are production goods the same as sample?
DiPRO record every detail for the samples that we give to our customers, and we produce exactly the same as the sample.
How could we track the information?
First, all DiPRO orders are processed by our ERP system, including sample orders, and we keep all the materials part number under customer's fonder at computer.
And we also have key materials hand writing on a paper notebook, so just incase we lost data at computer, and we never lost one during past 9 years.
Plus we have 50% suppliers partner with DiPRO for 9 years, stable suppliers are also very important for good and stable quality.
It’s all about trust.
We are here for 9 years for a reason, we are not the best, but we are also not the worst.
We could survive for 9 years, which means many customers buy from DiPRO.
If you still hesitate, and you could not trust me now, you could wait, 9 years later I will be still here, because audio is a life time business for me.
You will need my product sooner or later, and you are always welcomed!